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Adding Social Good to Every Investment

OpenHand credits its members with rebates for investing in stocks and at the same time support the causes they love the most.

Where The Client Is Truly First

You’re In The Driver’s Seat

Every share traded, OpenHand puts $ into your account. You decide if you keep the rebate, split it, or donate it all to your favorite charities.

Decide where the rebate goes. Your pocket. Your charity. Or maybe a 50/50 split.

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Our Products

Upgraded real-time HTML5 browser-based trading system. Built for speed in today’s fast paced markets. Platform includes Real-time NASDAQ Level 1 Amex, NASDAQ and NYSE, real-time news, charts, and hot key order entry.

Access your trading account in the palm of your Hand using your iPhone or Android. Includes: Stock trading, real-time streaming quotes, account statistics and portfolio, intraday and historical charts, news and more. Links to OpenHandWeb.

Members Empowered To Change The World

OpenHand has partnered with, and is actively expanding its roster of charitable partners, both large and small. Each OpenHand client will be empowered to donate the payments received from OpenHand to their favorite charity, becoming Agents of Change.

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