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Women of the Wild West

64 pages
5 ½" by 8 ½"

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ISBN 0-940880-49-0
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Women of the Wild West

Biographies from Many Cultures

by Ruth Pelz

Part of the Contributions Series, books documenting the contributions to our country's history of African-Americans, women, and other people under-represented in most writings in the area. Workbooks are available for classroom or personal use. Written at a 4th to 6th grade reading level, these titles are also ideal for adult new readers.

This book looks into the lives of eight brave women whose lives exemplify the often overlooked contributions that women have made to the history of the West. These women were diplomats, pioneers, leaders of cities, missionaries, entrepreneurs, even miners, and came from many cultures and as far away as China. Their names are Sacajawea, Mother Joseph (Esther Pariseau), Juana Briones de Miranda, Biddy Mason, Mary Bong, May Arkwright Huttton, Kate Chapman, and Sarah Winnemucca. This book presents great stories and archival photographs.

Ruth Pelz has a longstanding interest in uncovering the hidden histories of women and working people as well as ethnic and racial groups in our society. She is the writer of many published books, including two titles from Open Hand's Contributions Series: Women of the Wild West and Black Heroes of the Wild West. She has learned from personal experience that history is meaningful only if we see ourselves as taking part in it. She lives in Seattle, where she is an education planner at the University of Washington's Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture.

Complementary Book for Education

Women of the Wild West examines the lives of eight pioneer women from African, Asian, European, Hispanic, and Native American cultures. The illustrated biographies introduce fascinating people, and will appeal to new readers of all ages.
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