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Triumph over Marcos

I can think of no better lesson on organizing than the story of Gene Viernes and Silme Domingo. This is a story that will touch the very heart of people striving for social justice through our unions. Triumph over Marcos is a must read for those dedicated to grass roots organizing.
Helen Lee, Director of the Evergreen State College Labor Center

Churchill makes Gene and Silme full and believable characters, and catches the rhythm of their work so that even though we expect it, their assassination comes as a shock. Well done.
Joan Joff Hall, author of Romance and Capitalism at the Movies

Regardless of one's own culture or race, if you want to make a difference, but do not know how, this book leads the way. It's both inspirational and educational.
The Tri-Communities Newspaper

Triumph over Marcos is an important work for Asian Americans across the country. For so long, we have related to other groups, particularly African Americans, because we see similarities between the Black experience of injustice and our own. We have embraced Malcolm x and Martin Luther King, Jr., as our heroes in part because we have never heard of the valiant fight individuals from our own community put up in the face of discrimination and oppression Churchill proves that we do indeed have our own heroes: Gene Viernes and Silme Domingo.
Carina A. del Rosario, International Examiner

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