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Sylvia Stark

This is history with a difference, adding a dimension to the real frontier that teachers should be presenting in their classrooms... The narrative skillfully weaves important aspects of American history to show what black families had to contend with on the frontier... It is both fun and informative reading for children.
William Loren Katz, author of The Black West

This is an informative biography that can serve as enrichment for a unit on discrimination, United States history, women, African Americans, and freedom.
Iowa Reading Journal

The class was filled with questions after each chapter was read, and the students wanted to learn more about Black pioneers and their history... Sylvia Stark: A Pioneer really sparked their interest. The curriculum guide was very helpful and provided many opportunities for writing activities, in-depth discussions and research.
Ruby Thomas, 5th grade teacher, Foust Elementary School, Greensboro, North Carolina

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