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Stone on Stone / Piedra sobre Piedra

Anglesey affirms cultural diversity in her selection, and vigorously roams the themes of protest, oppression, identity, and self-fulfillment... It's a very appealing collection.
Publishers Weekly

The poems speak of pains that are not new, but speak in new ways. They cry out against the rape of the land and of women's bodies; against the rejection of mingled heritages, against violence and abuse and loss of innocence. The poets have defined their own visions and described their own nightmares in language that moves with force and sensation.
The Source

The pieces in Stone on Stone range widely in topic and tone. As Anglesey puts it, "Rant, chant, exorcise, lament, praise, celebrate, and pray."
The Olympian

I highly recommend buying this book for yourself and as a gift to share with others. The works that are presented are passions that are cultivated and will speak directly to your senses.
Seattle Art Museum

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