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We have a rich selection of books that enhance elementary through high school classes by telling the stories of historical figures and diverse cultures that have not traditionally received a lot of classroom attention. We also have children’s books and novels that promote positive messages through their stories, as well. Additionally, several of our titles already thrive in college classrooms around the country.

In this section, we are presenting five of our books that have been favorably reviewed and summarized by InfoTech: The Advisory List of The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. We have categorized each book by educational levels. If you are currently seeking supplemental material for the elementary school reader, the middle school reader, or the high school reader, Click here to learn more about which books may be suitable for your class.

Open Hand's Publishing's mission is to publish books that promote positive social change as well as respect and understanding among all people. We have published all of our titles, because we believe they teach invaluable lessons. It is more important now, in a country with such a divided society, that these books reach the appropriate audiences. Arguably, our most important target audience is students-of all ages.

Open Hand would like to even further expand our educational market. We believe that you, as an educator, should have the opportunity to review our books for use in your classes, because we know how hard it is to find resources that fully diversify curriculum. For the elementary school reader, we have books that teach children so much about their own heritage and the heritage of our country. Our books also teach lessons of universal tolerance and friendship. For the college reader, we have books appropriate for courses in the fields of Sociology, African American Studies, Political Science, History, Anthropology, Education, Women’s Studies, Asian Studies, and the list continues. We also have a selection of poetry and fiction that would be appropriate for a number of college English classes.

With this is mind, Open Hand would like to offer you the opportunity to fill out an online bounce-back card in order to receive a complimentary review copy of any one of our books. We hope you will take full advantage of this rare opportunity, and we look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

To fill out the online bounce-back card, simply navigate to the page of the specific book you are interested in and click on the "Special for Educators" link at the bottom.