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Old Woman of Irish Blood

Pat Andrus is a poet of relationship. Old Woman resounds as an outcry of reverence, encouraging us to embrace all phases of life, birth as well as growth, death as well as rebirth. By pushing beyond our modern fascination with youth, her poems allow us to co-exist with the natural world. They give voice to the granite, honeysuckle, great great grandmothers, the moon, prison wardens, Celtic fire goddesses, nameless ancient ones, the wind, and, of course, the poet herself. Like their creator, these are poems of spirit and generosity.
Christianne Balk, author of Desiring Flight and Bindweed

These beautiful poems...have the ring of early Irish poetry, at once mordant and nurturing.
Hugh Murray of Galway Traders

Songs with Celtic soul-nature and hearth, blood and stone...
Independent Press

You will not be remiss if you buy, beg, borrow or steal a copy of Pat Andrus's Old Woman of Irish Blood. My copy is already dog-eared...but I will continue to read, peruse and enjoy this poetry for many's the year to come.
Ar Mhuin Na Muice: A Journal of Irish News, Literature, Art, Politics, Music and Sports

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