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Master Weaver from Ghana

Master Weaver from Ghana provides an in-depth look at a family noted for its generation-connecting skill in producing kente cloth, offering students a unique perspective on the relationship between economics, tradition, and family structure.
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...a fine introduction for children to the remarkable craft of weaving in West Africa, and to a charming family and community--where"lives are woven together like threads on the loom."
Warren Robbins, Educator, Founder of the National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institute

A first-rate look at an art form that has been a livelihood in this African nation for hundreds of years. The authors convey a marvelous feeling for the life and culture of these Ghanaians.
School Library Journal

...primarily for young readers, but of interest to anyone who is drawn to the spirit of the creative community.
The International Review of African American Art

Africa comes alive every time the students turn the page.
Toni Conklin, Teacher, Washington, DC

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