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Master Weaver from Ghana

32 pages
11 ½" by 9"
Cloth - $18.00
ISBN 0-940880-61-X
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Master Weaver from Ghana

by Gilbert "Bobbo" Ahiagble and Louise Meyer
Photographs by Nestor Hernandez

Best Book for Young Children
  --African Studies Association

Notable Book for Children
  --Smithsonian Institution

Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People
  --Children's Book Council

Bobbo is a traditional weaver from Ghana, where his ancestors have been weavers for generations. His young son, Kweku, learns from him, just as Bobbo learned from his father. Through Kweku's eyes, we see family and community life in the small fishing village of Denu. Kweku learns that in life, just as in weaving, "one thread is weak, while threads woven together are strong." Magnificent full color photographs recreate Africa on the page, completing a rich description of family life, cultural life, and ancient craft, all woven into one.

Age level: 8-12 years.

Louise Meyer is an educator who seeks to awaken interest in the social and economic value of native handicraft. She was working at the Museum of African Art in Washington, D.C. during Gilbert "Bobbo" Ahiagble's first U.S. visit in 1975. Later, while working on the Ivory Coast, she arranged an exhibition and workshop for Mr. Ahiagble which stimulated local weavers to further develop international and domestic markets. Ms. Meyer holds a B.A. and M.A. from the University of Maryland, and a diploma in African Studies from the Development Institute, Geneva, Switzerland. She resides in her native city, Washington, D.C.

Nestor Hernandez was introduced to photography in high school through the Urban Journalism Workshop of the Washington, D.C. Public Schools. For fifteen years he was photographer-in-residence at the Capitol Children's Museum. As chief photographer for the Washington, D.C. Public Schools, he photographed Bobbo demonstrating weaving to schoolchidren. While visiting Bobbo in Denu, he learned to weave and then took these photos. Nestor is of Afro-Cuban descent. Mr. Hernandez's work is exhibited in Cuba and the United States.

Complementary Book for Education

This book is a treasure trove of full color photographs... An armchair vacation, and much more, awaits the reader.
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