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where are the love poems for dictators?

These poems are full of savage, nostalgic tenderness, a fit answer to a world where violence threatens to drive us all mad and the media has robbed language of its meaning.
Ariel Dorfman

This is poetry of blood and bone and revolutionary idealism by a poet who insists that America must wake up and abandon its narcissistic preoccupations.
Washington Review

Although there is a simplicity of language in Miller's poems, his poems are emotionally and artistically satisfying. The language suggests the poet's ability to feel an unending pain, while also marking his developing vision. Brevity enhances his historical perspective while giving direct insights.
Small Press Review

[Miller] addresses...political oppression and resistance... Sometimes he speaks in his own voice, sometimes in the voices of the Latin American poor--fishermen, laborers, drivers, women and children--who express the generic patterns of their oppression in a particularized way... His language is plain and direct, with a confirming aptness.
Red Letters: A Journal of Cultural Politics

From Central America to the centrality of words as weapons, the astonishing poetry of E. Ethelbert Miller moves... His images are brutal, his spirit of resistance vital... Miller's poems are accessible, without pretension.
The Portland Alliance

These poems transport us across boundaries of place and politics, of race, of gender, and other war-torn barriers of the heart.
Gloria T. Hull

Ethelbert Miller is one of the most significant and influential poets of our time.
Gwendolyn Brooks

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