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Love, Debra

123 pages
5 ½" by 8 ½"

Cloth - $19.95
ISBN 0-940880-30-X
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ISBN 0-940880-29-6
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Love, Debra

by Fritz Hamilton

Fifteen year old Debra takes the family Cadillac and runs away from her sexually abusive father, his equally cruel mistress, and the grave of her alcoholic mother. Adrift in the underworld of Chicago, she slips into a world of drugs and prostitution, few but treasured friendships, cruelty and vulnerability, and the terror of AIDS. This wrenching novel is told entirely in unsent letters, simple and heartfelt, written by Debra to her dead mother.

Fritz Hamilton was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1936. He has a B.A. in Philosophy and an M.A. in English/Education from Roosevelt University. After spending some early years as a teacher and social worker, Mr. Hamilton has devoted his full attention to writing. Having lived many years in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco, Mr. Hamilton now resides in Los Angeles and is working to get Love, Debra made into a movie. He has previously published seven books of poetry and over 1,000 poems, stories, articles and reviews in literary magazines and anthologies.

Complementary Book for Education

We can't understand how badly we've been damaged or how beautiful we really are. Love, Debra is the story of our lives. Praise to Fritz Hamilton for writing it.
Sharon Doubiago, author of The Book of Seeing with One's Own Eyes

Love, Debra ran me down streets I'd never walked before. A child's voice slowly beckons you to listen and soon slides you into a vortex of pain, suffering, death, and survival. Parents cannot listen to Debra's lonely, lovely letters without wondering whether their children will walk those same streets. This book has real people who live real lives, simple and sad lives, turned heroic by each day's trials, made worthy by the glimmer of self-understanding. Read this book and try to get Debra's haunting voice out of your head!
Scott Armstrong, author of The Brethren: Inside the Supreme