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The Little Bitty Snake

24 pages
5 ½" by 8 ½"
Paper - $4.95

ISBN 0-940880-03-2
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ISBN 0-940880-05-9
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ISBN 0-940880-07-5
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The Little Bitty Snake

La Víbora Chiquilina
Le Tout P'tit Serpent
Chiisana Chiisana Hebi

by Jorma Rodieck

We at Open Hand hope that more children will write and publish their stories and that everybody will be encouraged to learn more than one language. This delightful little story, with colorful drawings about the journey of a snake and an ant, was written and illustrated by Jorma Rodieck when he was nine years old. It is available in three bilingual editions: Spanish and French, both translated by Michelle Presse, and Japanese (with transliteration), translated by Yumiko M. Burnett.

Age level: All ages.

Complementary Book for Education

An exceptional book...full of whimsy, yet full of truth. Has the creative touch of a child, but a command of storytelling that is quite sophisticated.
Ronnie Kraus, Producer of Reading Rainbow