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Jose Maria Sison: At Home in the World

What comes through is a remarkable portrait of the revolutionary, steeled by relentless struggle, suffering in prison, and faith in the ultimate positive outcome of the national democratic and socialist revolution. As Rosca says, the revolutionary is not a terrorist.
Elmer A. Ordonez, The Manila Times

…what I consider to be of the utmost significance of the book is that it is written in the midst of the struggle of peoples to liberate themselves from oppression. It is not written by an academic watching the turmoil of the world, perched on his pedestal, not by a paid analyst to please some vested interests, but by individuals locked in deadly battle with the scourge of humanity, US imperialism…

Jose Maria Sison: At Home in the World, is not just a book about a person but a treatise on the world situation and a philosophy of life. Written in a vivid and biting style, in the tradition of the great revolutionary essayists like Lenin and Mao-tse-tung, it is both a comprehensive critique of imperialism and affirmation of the life of a revolutionary. This semi-autobiography, as the book is presented as a conversation with Ninotchka Rosca, uses the method of dialectical materialism in analyzing contemporary world history and the future of the socialist movement…
Dr. Edberto Villegas, Bulatlat

Rosca provides the biographical sketch and the human side of the revolutionary while Sison through the interviews synthesizes the thoughts that allow the reader to understand him as a political thinker and why he remains influential not only among activists and revolutionaries at home but also throughout the world.
Bobby Tuazon, Philippine Graphic

Sison doesn’t write for academics, but for the many who actually make history.
Luis Teodoro,

To read Ninotchka Rosca's Jose Maria Sison: At Home in the World is not just to discover the controversial man, but to learn the political and economic history of the Philippines, understand the nature of global conflict, and to find that there is hope for genuine justice and freedom for the poor and working people.

…Acclaimed novelist Ninotchka Rosca has written and put together a book that is certain to go down in Philippine literary and journalistic history as one of the most definitive documents of the nation’s political and historical development. Though it is entitled to be a biography, reading through it one will immediately grasp that it is much more than a description and narration of the personal saga of one extraordinary Filipino and leader, but as an incisive and critical telling of the Filipino nation’s past and present, and offers a glimpse into what challenges lie ahead for the country and its people…
Ina Alleco R. Silverio, independent media center

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