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Habari Gani? What's the News?

32 pages
8 ¼" by 10 ¼"
Cloth - $16.95
ISBN 0-940880-39-3
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Habari Gani? What's the News?

A Kwanzaa Story

by Sundaira Morninghouse
Illustrated by Jody Kim

Kwanzaa is the only nationally celebrated, indigenous, non-heroic African-American holiday in the United States. For many African-American families, these seven days are a time for political and cultural expression and, as Dr. Maulana Karenga wrote, "a rededication to greater achievement and fuller, more meaningful lives." Kwanzaa recognizes the African roots of these Americans and, at the same time, reflects on and honors their history within the U.S.

December 26 to January 1 will never be the same for seven-year-old Kia and her family, because the Edwards are celebrating Kwanzaa. "Habari Gani" becomes the greeting of the week. As each day unfolds Kia experiences the seven principles of Kwanzaa, sees how they are woven into her family and community life, and learns that Kwanzaa is a cultural and political celebration of the African American experience. This delightful and educational book is illustrated with colorful oil paintings and iconic woodblock prints, and includes a glossary of the Swahili words that are richly woven into the test.

Age level: 5-12 years.

Sundaira Morninghouse is a Seattle poet and children's fiction writer.

Jody Kim is a West Coast artist and free spirit.

Complementary Book for Education

A unique and gloriously illustrated book... The stories are well written, and the use of both English and Swahili imbues them with a special touch.
The South Coast Beacon

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