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Great Black Writers

Fullen's sketches of these inspirational figures set them clearly against the context of the American literary and social landscapes of their time, bringing into play the social issues each contended with. The challenges they faced, and overcame, in their writing journeys, will be of interest to all young people who have ever experienced the urge to put pen to paper as an indelible expression of self... Fullen's book could serve as a basic introduction to a rich and vibrant literary heritage.
Children's Literature

As students read about the lives of these great African American authors, they will also learn something about U.S. history, from Reconstruction to the story behind Alex Haley's Roots. The experiences, works, and biographies of these significant writers should be included in all U.S. history classes.
Iowa Reading Journal

Great Black Writers is a wonderful learning tool about our history and who made it happen! The author writes with a natural ability and a flow that will make the stories easy to understand, as well as easy to read. Young adults and children alike will devour these pages of six great black writers!
Book Review Café

Fullen outlines the lives of six writers in various genres and fields and discusses their contributions... Each profile begins with a quote by the subject and includes at least one black-and-white photo... a bibliography of titles on the individual authors concludes this slim volume...
School Library Journal

This is truly an awe-inspiring book. It is certain to fill the reader with pride and the spirit to say, "I can do it too." I highly recommend this book for students, teachers, and parents.
Multicultural Review, Reeves Smith, Madison Metropolitan School District

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