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Great Black Writers

64 pages
5 ½" by 8 ½"

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Great Black Writers

by Marilyn K. Fullen

Part of the Contributions Series, books documenting the contributions to our country's history of African-Americans, women, and other people under-represented in most writings in the area. Workbooks are available for classroom or personal use. Written at a 4th to 6th grade reading level, these titles are also ideal for adult new readers.

My soul has grown deep like the rivers.
  --Langston Hughes

This book contains brief, colorful biographies of six well-known African American writers, presented in chronological order by birth: Ida Wells-Barnett, Zora Neale Hurston, Langston Hughes, Alex Haley, James Baldwin, and Lorraine Hansberry. Each biographical sketch outlines some of the obstacles the individual faced and how he or she dealt with and overcame these challenges, and describes both their personal and artistic development. This book, rooted in America's history, can inspire both children and adults to have a greater appreciation for what they read--and perhaps encourage some to become writers themselves. Illustrated with archival photographs.

Marilyn K. Fullen is the director of a transitional housing program for homeless women and their children in Seattle, Washington. Her short stories have appeared in Earth's Daughters, Common Ground and Morena, a Journal for Women of Color. As a writer, she knows that the only way to freedom is to teach the truth; she is committed to telling the story.

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North Carolina Review for Educators

From the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction:

InfoTech Review:

[Grades 4-8, English Language Arts] This collection of six brief biographies provides information about African American writers who made important contributions to American literature from the late nineteenth century to the 1990s. Written in a conversational style, each biography portrays the difficulties each writer overcame, the support and influence of family and friends, the role of education and experience on each writer's development, and the recognition each received. Beginning with the journalist Ida Wells-Barnett, Fullen includes anthropologist/novelist Zora Neale Hurston, poet Langston Hughes, Alex Haley, novelist James Baldwin, and playwright Lorraine Hansberry. Illustrated with black-and-white photographs and written with a younger audience in mind, these biographies will inspire students and may be used with older struggling readers as well. Bibliography. Multicultural [Social Studies] (InfoTech Volume 2003, Issue 8, pg 14)

This book is a wonderful resource for anyone wanting to learn more about some of our country's great black writers... Each of these six artists wrote great works of literature that showed the world what life was like for black people and why American attitudes needed to change... An inspiring book for all who read it!
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