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The Contributions Series

These five books of biography can excite and inspire upper elementary and middle school students (and adult new readers) with the actual lives and times of African-American people and pioneer women of many ethnicities. All of the profiled historical figures contributed to the development of the United States in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. And all of them are from groups whose lives have largely been left out of the written histories that we find in most classrooms and in most commercial history books. The biographies in this collection range from nineteenth century pioneers who experienced the hardships and adventures of the Old West to twentieth-century Black men and women of letters who taught all of us lessons on what it means to be an African-American and a human being.

All titles in the Contributions Series are available in hardcover or paperback. Curriculum guides for each title are also available, suited for use by classroom teachers, tutors, or students on their own.

Black Heroes of the Wild West, by Ruth Pelz
The lives of nine Black men and women who were adventurers and pioneers in the old West.

Great Black Writers, by Marilyn K. Fullen
The personal and artistic lives of six brilliant Black writers.

Pathblazers, by Marilyn K. Fullen
Eight African-Americans who contributed to politics, civil rights, humanities and the arts..

Syliva Stark: A Pioneer, by Victoria Scott and Ernest Jones
The biograpy of an indomitable Black woman pioneer.

Women of the Wild West, by Ruth Pelz
The lives of eight women from many cultures who lived and worked in the old West.