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Alien Child

A sweet and amusing novel.
Publishers Weekly

Alien Child is an engaging and thoughtful speculative fantasy that frames the possibilities of an emerging world at peace.
Midwest Book Review

Alien Child is a challenging and imaginative inquiry into earth politics as perceived by a sympathetic alien visitor from a more evolved part of the galaxy. The story, clear and captivating, is told as a precautionary tale from the Vietnam War era. Along the way, many practices that are part of the mainstream war culture of America are subjected to scrutiny. The book is a good read and a useful audit of planet earth on the eve of the millennium.
Richard Falk, Professor of International Law, Princeton University

Many people continue to work toward healthy globalization, United Nations reform, and the establishment of enforceable laws and justice through the International Criminal Court. I commend Mona Lee for her creative presentation of these innovative ideas and will encourage my friends and colleagues to read her fascinating and engrossing novel.
Susan J. Zipp, Board of Directors, World Federalist Association

Part science fiction, part metaphysical and part reality, Alien Child touches your life in ways words can't adequately describe. Read it!
Anci Koppel, Seattle Women Act for Peace

It's a complete revelation of how a society would be if there were no war.
Caroline Canafax, Editor, Pacific Vision WILPF

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Wella's quest to find a mate and to create a little 'clan' off the west coast. Her theories on non-violence and unselfish sharing-of property and thoughts- give me something to ponder. The story begins in 1967, at the height of the Vietnam War, with a pervasive sense of the idiocy of the killing games, as Wella dubs it, underlying the novel's message of peace and reconciliation.
Kathleen DeGrave, Counterpoise Magazine

If you fall in love, as I did, with Wella and her alien child, Dana, you won't want them to ever leave Earth and return to their peaceful planet, Gallata. It's not only that we love them. We need them.
Having fallen in love with these transforming characters from another world...targets of assassination on ours, we take on their sensitivity. Like the channels around the San Juan Islands where this beautiful story begins, Earth's political-spiritual waters are a shock.
Alien Child swims right through those shocking waters to a new world in which warring Earth is transformed in to a just and peaceful society.
Jim Douglas, author of The Nonviolent Coming of God

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