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New Orleans Public Housing Residents Issue Urgent Call for Electrical Support

An Urgent Call for Help from New Orleans Public Housing Residents Solar Panels and Electrical Expertise Desperately Needed!

When Katrina provided New Orleans an excuse to evacuate the city, the Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO) took advantage of the opportunity to close down all the housing developments. It scattered the residents across the country and barricaded their homes. In the case of the C.J. Pete development, which did not even get flooded, they kicked in the doors, threw refrigerators down the stairs, and left the whole development open for looting. They allowed horrific damage to be done -- electrical wiring and fixtures pulled out, copper plumbing pipes stolen, residents' belongings rifled and stolen. To add insult to injury, they dumped the belongings of many residents out into the street, including treasured items like baby photos, diplomas and letters. These are units which did NOT suffer storm or flood damage, and for which the residents hold valid leases.

Last Saturday, February 12, the residents of C.J. Pete housing development took the profound step of reoccupying their units. They made the decision to help themselves after HANO and the government refused to even allow them to enter their apartments. They are taking back their homes and are determined to take back their lives.

A crucial factor that enabled them to take this historic step has been the support of volunteers and friends. Donations of generators, food, water and labor have given the residents hope and courage.

But now that they are in their homes, much more help and support is needed. Generators are only a temporary fix. They are dangerous and unreliable, as well as expensive to operate. Donated water and porta-potties only go so far.

The people of C.J. Pete need proper electricity and plumbing. And even more important, they need to know that people across the country are following their struggle and supporting them.

An S.O.S. for Solar Panels and Electricians

We hope you can help! The residents are issuing an urgent call for support. They are in dire need of energy resources. We are issuing an S.O.S. call to anyone with experience and expertise in alternate energy services. We need solar panels, windmills, and any other available resources and expertise.

The eyes of the world are on New Orleans, and we CANNOT fail. We must make every possible effort to ensure the success of this action, and we need your help. Contact us IMEDIATELY with any knowledge or resources you have at your disposal.

Thank you in advance,

The Residents of Public Housing,
New Orleans Survivor Council

Call us at 504-872-9591

People's Organizing Committee